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Aurora, IL: Tin Foil Hat Comedy And Swarm Tank With Sam Tripoli And Eddie Bravo Live May 4th

Janesville, Wi The Tin Foil Hat Comedy Night And Swarm Tank with Sam Tripoli, Eddie Bravo and XG May 5th
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Bellflower, Ca:  Headlining the Stand Up Comedy Club

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Broadbrook, Ct: Tin Foil Hat Comedy and Swarm Tank Live Friday 21st At The Broad Brook Opera House

Check out the content creators:
1) Joe Rogan and Tim Dillon:  The Joe Rogan Experience

2) DMX:

3) Tim Travel:

4) Space Is Fake:

5) Gay Frogs:

6) Clone Biden: ???/

7) Cloned Russian Warriors:

8) The Mandela Effect:

9) The Guzzlers:
10) Satanic Ritual Sacrifies:

11) The Black Nobility: Tin Foil Hat

12) The Illuminati:

13) The Network Code:

14) Dead Scientists:

15) Hellhole:

16) Facial Recognition:

17) F*ck Around And Find Out:

18) I Is Real:

19) Plastic Faces:

20) Men Aren’t Putting Up With Shit:

21) Asian Need It: ???

22) Biblical Dragons:

23)  Lust:

24) Is Time Fake:

25) Moon Is A Trap:

26) The Gate Way Process:

27) The Hermetic Principles:

28) Russian Sleep Experiment:

29) Alaska Be Buggin:

30) Aliens:

31) Discipline:

32) Pain:

33) Love Someone:

34) Karate Chop:

35) Got The Look:

36) Phone: ??/

37) G@y:

38) Got it Again:

39) Passport Bros:

40) Toddlers:

41) Keeping A Job: