Join Sam Tripoli as he doom scrolls the internet for the best conspiracy videos from TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.  Come get weird!

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Doomscrollin #12:
1) Salvia: The Joe Rogan Experience

2) Psychic Cats:
3) Fake Pandas:
4) Ozempic Babies:
5) Replenish The Earth:

6) Innerspace:

7) The Grand Canyon:

8) Iran:

9) The Vatican:

10) The Bankers:

11) Hidden Symbolism: ????

12) The Art Of War:

13) Subversion:

14) Disney Told You:

15) Monster adrenochrome Inc:  Took His Page Down

16) Is that Your Kid:

17) Bob Dylan Sold His Soul:

18) Pedos In Movies:

19) Satans Last Words:

20) Saved By Jesus:

21) You Are Attacked When You Are Close To Jesus:

22) La Mala Hora:

23) Haunted Doll:

24) So Many Versions Of You:

25) High Vibrations:

26) Weird Historical Facts:

27) Techinocolor Super Mario: ???

28) I’m Ukrainian: ???

29) Pass:

30) Deaf Rappers: ??

31) Power Downs:

32) Iran Is A Threat:

33) Hulk Vs Gorilla:

34) Fat Thai:

35) Joe Biden:

36) Mexican Jedis: