Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Doomscrollin with Sam Tripoli.  Join Sam as he doom scrolls TikTok, Instagram, Youtube and TwitterX and reacts to the best conspiracy videos of the week.  Thank you for support.

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Doomscrollin #10:
1) Jay Z Is A Fed:

2) Pop Star Weirdness:

3) Wild E Coyote:

4) Sigbin:

5) Jeff Epstein:

6) Epstein Island:  Tin Foil Hat

7) Hitler Was A Rothschild:

8) Weimar 2.0:

9) Role Models:

10) Antarctica:

11) Little Baron Trump:  Ninjas Are Butterflies

12) Black Rock Mountain:

13) Flat Earth:

14) Nikon P1000: ???

15) Jesus Is Real:

16) Frequency Of The Worlds:

17) 12 Portals:

18) South Carolina Adam Morgan

19) Sam Hyde:

20) ADL:

21) Joe Rogan:

22) Women:

23) Commercial For A.I.:

24) Fat Gays:

25) Christina A Is Wearing A Body Suit:

26) White Males: ????

27) Twerker Gonna Twerk:

28) Have A Good Day: