Cash Daddies 130: “This is Howie Dewitt!” with Marco Salinas

The guys talk rate hikes, Coinbase's SEC worries, and are joined by consultant and author Marco Salinas to talk marketing on this week's Cash Daddies. Learn more about Marco at Copy James at! To get your new wireless plan for just $15 a month go to! [...]

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Cash Daddies 129: “The Market Crash Daddies” with Richard Grove

This week on Cash Daddies we talk the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and what it means for the wider economy, crypto's surge, and then we welcome entrepreneur Richard Grove, who shares his story with the guys. Learn more about Richard Grove's Autonomy programs here: Connect with Richard [...]

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Cash Daddies 127: “In Over Our Heads” with Noah Healy

This week Howie shares the shocking revelation he was told by a palm reader, then the guys discuss four hour work weeks and the direction of the markets, before getting technical with guest Noah Healy. Oh, and we talk gold! Always gold. Learn more about Noah Healy's work at [...]

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Cash Daddies 124: “Summit!” + Achieving Goals with Midori Verity

This week the guys talk accelerating your success with entrepreneur Midori Verity, and also get into Bitcoin, Peter Schiff, and whether Kevin O'Leary is a hypocrite. Learn more about Midori Verity at! Copy James at! Head to to get your free life insurance quotes and see [...]

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Cash Daddies 122: “Filling a Niche” with Zoltan Roberts

This week we have one of our most entrepreneur-focused episodes ever, with guest Zoltan Roberts, who recently started a unique business called Doggie Dood. Also this week we discuss lying on your resume, Twitter/Elon's massive debt, and a dash of sports. You can follow Zoltan on Instagram at, [...]

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Cash Daddies #121: “CrowdStriking Cathie Wood” with Adam Muller

Comedian and former Goldman-Sachs man Adam Muller joins the guys to talk stocks and crypto. Also this week we talk Elon Musk's unfortunate world record, Cathie Wood's latest folly, and whether the rain in Los Angeles is legit. Check out Adam Muller on Instagram at! Copy James at [...]

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