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Sam Tripoli returns to the scene of the crime with (mostly) new material to drop the Hammer Of The Gods at Rifle Coffee!

Sam Tripoli has appeared in the Movie “Dying Laughing”, Showtimes’s “The Comedy Store”, CW’s Mysteries Decoded & co-hosted Spike TV’s Wild World of Spike. Sam was one of the original OGs on The Ice House Chronicles and The Joe Rogan Experience. Sam Tripoli started the podcast “Punch Drunk Sports” with his Friends and Comedy Store colleagues Jayson Thibault and Ari Shaffir. Since twenty-sixteen he has hosted “The Tin Foil Hat Podcast” a hit top rated podcast which gave way to an additional 7 podcasts, Broken Simulation, Cash Daddies, Conspiracy Now, TFH Patreon, Zero, The Greatest of All Time, and Conspiracy Social Club with Bryan Callen

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